Stay educated to grow your small business

Self education is the first step in turning your business ideas in to reality or growing your current business into a modern, sustainable enterprise. There are many different services and opportunities to take advantage of, from educational workshops and seminars to formal training. With the time constraints of managing and operating your small business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the need to maintain and improve your business knowledge and skills. Luckily, making the most of your small business is now easier than ever with the rise of portable technology and online education, in particular the abundance of resources available to help you maximise the productivity, growth and profits of your small business.

Self-Education solutions for your small business

Online study has really taken off in the past few years. No matter what industry you work in you will find an unprecedented number of paid and free study options that are relevant to you. You can study anywhere, anytime, whether you are after a short online module to ensure you are up to date on topics like consumer rights and unlawful competition, or looking to gain formal qualifications in business management or a specific technical skills.

Workshops and seminars are another great way to bring yourself up to date on a broad range of topics in a short amount of time. This approach to self-education can give you a real bang for your buck as well as providing you with a great networking opportunity. In as little as half a day you can refresh your understanding of one particular topic like regulatory and taxation requirements, or get stuck into a hands-on workshop on how to promote innovation in a small business environment.

Professional coaching is another great way to get objective opinions from successful business professionals on how best to handle any questions, problems or concerns within your business. Look for government-funded organisatons in your local areas that have been developed to match business owners with a experienced mentors.

Enhance your self-education experience with the latest in portable technology

Having the latest technology is essential if you want access to a broad range of flexible, tailored education opportunities. Whatever option you choose, the right laptop or tablet paired with a good mobile broadband plan can save you time and money. 

This doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money upfront, renting business technology and equipment is a great way to conserve your cash flow and upgrade to new equipment as technology develops and your needs change. When you rent you don’t have to worry about any downtime or disruption to your study or business, you will usually get loaner equipment to tide you over until your equipment can be repaired or replaced. And don’t forget your rental costs can be claimed as tax deductions.

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