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A Smart Solution For Education Equipment. Keep your school and its students up-to-date with the latest technology, without impacting cash-flow or burdening parents with big upfront costs.

The Benefits

The technology your school needs, when your school needs it - all without the significant upfront costs.

  • A smarter solution

​Our IT and technology leasing solutions allow you to have the technology your school needs, when your school needs it. You’ll also be well placed to keep up with hardware innovations and upgrade your technology every two years.

  • Flexible agreements

Choose a 12, 24 or 36 month term for a fixed monthly payment that best suits your school. You can also deal with the supplier of your choice.

  • Flexible end-of-term options

​At the end of your leasing term, you can return the equipment, swap it, offer to buy it, or continue to lease your equipment through us on a 'month to month' agreement – it’s your choice.

  • Affordable monthly payments

​Steady monthly lease payments, rather than a big upfront cost, so your school stays up-to-date without impacting its cash flow. Plus payments for school equipment are tax deductible*.

  • Protection for lost, stolen or damaged equipment

​With FlexiCommercial you have the peace of mind of knowing that your equipment is covered for theft, or accidental loss or damage, subject to conditions.

  • Share buying power with parents

M​ake it easier for parents to invest in their child’s education - offer them the school’s bulk purchasing discounts for key technology items like tablets and laptops.

    How it works

    Get fast and convenient access to a tailored leasing option for your school in 5 easy steps. Lease through us with minimal paperwork, easy approvals and a dedicated account manager for your school.

    1. The school chooses the technology and agrees to the invoice amount with the supplier of choice. 
    2. The school provides FlexiCommercial with a Letter of Authority (LOA). This LOA needs to be written by a person of authority at the school such as the Principal, and outlines the proposed length of the lease term and the fixed monthly payment amount.
    3. FlexiCommercial processes the application. A credit decision is usually made within a matter of hours.
    4. Once the school has received approval, the lease documentation is sent to the school for signature by a person of authority and return to FlexiCommercial. 
    5. The goods are delivered to, and accepted by the school. At this point, the agreement is settled and the supplier will receive payment for the goods.

    Information for Parents

    Schools can share their buying power with parents to enable them to acquire education technology at the school’s discounted rate. 

    As the school has arranged the technology acquisition with a specific supplier, all equipment will be delivered to the school. But parents must enter into a personal leasing agreement with us. 

    1. The school determines and recommends the equipment that students can have. 
    2. Parents can then choose to lease or pay for the items upfront. The school must notify the supplier of the parents who would like to lease or buy equipment. 
    3. The supplier will then provide us with the list of parents who would like to process an application to lease. 
    4. Once the parent is approved, the documents are sent directly to the parent for signing.
    5. Delivery of the goods is then to be made to the school.