Help & Support

The Day-to-Day Management of Your Agreement

Changes, updates and termination options – what you need to know about the general management of your lease.

Update your Details

Tell us if you change your name, company name, business name, bank account or credit card details, or your business, postal or email address. To update your information, call 1300 328 569

Deal with Payment Issues

If it becomes difficult for your business to meet your repayment obligations, we may offer you the following options:

  • extending the term of your agreement to reduce monthly payments;
  • extending the term of your agreement and suspending payments for a set time;
  • suspending payments for a set time.

Please note, fees may apply where applicable if you take up these options.

Talk to us about your situation. We can help. Call 1800 240 102

End the Agreement Early

If you wish to terminate the agreement early, there are a number of options.

  • Offer to purchase: Make an offer to purchase the equipment at any price you see fit. We may accept or reject your offer, but if we accept your offer to purchase your equipment, GST will apply to the purchase price*.
  • Upgrade: Pay out the remainder of your contract, and upgrade to a new product^.
  • Return: Pay out the remainder of your contract and return the equipment to end your agreement.


Please note, early termination payments may apply.



* Tax deductions may apply. FlexiCommercial does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. See your tax advisor for details.
^ All upgrade and purchase options are subject to your agreement and our standard terms and conditions, and all upgrade options are also subject to any internal credit criteria.