Lease Business Equipment

Finance Lease

A finance lease allows you to acquire and use the equipment your business needs right now, and pay for it with affordable monthly payments.

For Equipment with a Long Life

At the end of a finance lease, you make a final pre-determined residual payment to own the equipment outright. It’s a smart way to fund machinery and equipment with a long-life span.

A finance lease helps you manage your cash flow and as the equipment is for business use your monthly lease payments may be tax deductible*. 

Approval in Minutes 

  • Choose the business equipment you need, and your supplier.
  • Choose a finance lease term of 36, 48 or 60 months. The residual amount you pay at the end of your term is calculated at the outset, based on the cost of the equipment and the length of your agreement. This means you know precisely what you’ll have to budget for at the end of the term.


    Terms Number of Payments Residual
    3 36 15% of invoice amount
    4 48 10% of invoice amount
    5 60 5% of invoice amount


  • Apply online, in-store or over the phone. Applications take minutes.


At the end of a finance lease term, you simply pay the pre-determined residual amount and you own the equipment outright. Alternatively, return the equipment to us prior to the end of the lease term. You may be required to pay the difference between the amount obtained from the sale of the equipment (being the sale amount less the costs of sale) and the residual amount.

What you can Lease

A finance lease is ideal for equipment and machinery that doesn’t have to be replaced frequently. For example:

  • Hospitality: commercial ovens, walk-in refrigerators.
  • Medical: hygiene systems, vaccine fridges, equipment, cabinetry and furniture.
  • Medical aesthetics: galvanic spas and machines, massage beds, lasers.
  • Industrial: compressors, engineering equipment, forklifts and lifts, generators and grinders.
  • Commercial cleaning: industrial vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, floor polishers, floor scrubbers, and commercial cleaning washing machines.
  • Office, IT and communications: Telephone systems, printers and copiers, computers and laptops, networks, servers and storage, photographic equipment.
  • Retail: point of sale systems and digital boards.