Offer Customer Finance

Speed, Service & Support

We supply all the tools, training, promotions and support you need to offer business finance to your customers. We also ensure you have a dedicated Account Manager to work with you to:

  •  identify opportunities 
  •  deliver innovative solutions to satisfy customer needs


How To Arrange A Lease In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Contact us 

Call our specialist business equipment leasing applications team on 1300 328 569. Most approvals can be granted in minutes over the phone.


Email the customer’s details to us and we’ll call your customer to walk them through the application. Include: 

  • your partnership details and the salesperson’s name 
  • your customer’s name and contact details 
  • the amount to be financed and the equipment being leased


Step 2: Sign the documents

We’ll fax or email the contract documents for signature to you if the customer is in-store, or to your customer if they are ordering from elsewhere. 

  • If your customer is in-store, you can have the customer sign the documents then and there and email or fax them back to us with a copy of the invoice.
  • If your customer is ordering from elsewhere, we’ll send them the documents directly for them to sign and return to us. In this case, you will also need to send us a copy of the final invoice – we can’t finalise settlement without it. 


Step 3: Receive full payment fast

You are paid in full following confirmed delivery of the goods. We typically pay the total amount within 24 hours – meaning you don’t need to worry about overdue accounts or bad debts. Providing finance not only supports your customers’ cash flow, it helps you optimise yours. 

Nothing Else To Worry About

If ever there’s an issue, it’s not your problem – it’s ours. We deal directly with the customer to sort it out.  

Partner With Us 

We’d love to talk to you about creating the ideal finance solution for your customers. If you’re registered for GST and have a good credit history*.



* Tax deductions may apply. FlexiCommercial does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. See your tax advisor for details.